Timothy J. McNeil – research / practice



Guardians: Spirits of Protection showcased a series of sculptures created by UC Davis design professor emerita Ann Savageau. Made from found objects and flotsam that washed up on the beach coming from unknown places, the sculptures created by Savageau are composites of these disparate castoffs — in response to the tragic events in her life and to the pandemic. The exhibition design responded to the colors in the work, used bold typographic quotes, established a space where visitors could leave their thoughts and reflections, and created an atmosphere and “audience-like” setting with the sculptures.

UC Davis Design Museum, 18 objects, 800 sq. ft. Lead designer (50%) for exhibition staging, installation working with Trevor Pope-Lance. Lead designer (100%) for graphics and identity. Completed October 2021.

Rina C. Faletti; Tim McNeil; Ann Savageau. Guardians: Spirits of Protection. Published exhibition catalogue for the UC Davis Design Museum, September 2023.

Photos: Barbara Molloy