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STILL: Racism in America

STILL… Racism in America: A Retrospective in Cartoons
JANUARY 23 – APRIL 21, 2024
Showcasing the work of pioneering father-daughter cartoonists—the late Brumsic Brandon, Jr., who created Luther in the late sixties, and Barbara Brandon-Croft, creator of Where I’m Coming From in 1989—the duo chronicled the nation’s cultural landscape in their comic strips through the lens of racism. For six decades, their respective pens lay bare the truth: Nothing has changed. This retrospective reveals how vividly the specter of racism remains in America… “STILL.”

UC Davis Design Museum, 100 objects, 800 sq. ft. Lead designer (50%) for exhibition staging, installation working with Trevor Pope-Lance, Darnel Degand, and the curatorial team. Completed January 2024.

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