Timothy J. McNeil – research / practice


exhibition studies

Under my directorship, the exhibitions concentration in the Department of Design at UC Davis introduces undergraduate (BA) students to a series of upper division courses in exhibition, experience and environmental graphic design. The curriculum explores the communication of objects, narratives, information and ideas across a variety of cultural, commercial and entertainment exhibition environments, as well as defining exhibition design and its impact on communities and audience engagement. At a more advanced level, graduate (MFA) students produce a thesis project that integrates exhibition related theory with creative practice, with a goal of adding much needed critical research to the field.

Student projects are executed using a professional design studio model that includes written research and a rigorous process of creative ideation, critical thinking, technical design skills and critiques with real clients. Working in teams is highly encouraged, as are opportunities to pair students with on and off-campus community engaged projects and their organizers. Projects are a combination of real and speculative, many leading to actual implementation at a future date.

For a deeper dive into my teaching, instructional methods, syllabi, and related student projects visit the Storied Spaces website.