Timothy J. McNeil – research / practice


UC Davis Design Museum

As director and chief curator of the UC Davis Design Museum I oversee a program of exhibitions that I curate or co-curate with faculty, students, and external experts. Exhibitions complement the UC Davis department of design curriculum, student assignments are linked to exhibition themes, and undergraduate and graduate students assist me with the installation design.

The UC Davis Design Museum is uniquely positioned to investigate “design” within a research university setting. The exhibition program features work by innovative designers, explores design issues, showcases the Jo Ann C. Stabb Design Collection, and serves as a teaching and learning resource for faculty and students in the department of design and across UC Davis.

Previous exhibitions document the museum’s years of experimental exhibition design practice. While doing a lot with very little, the gallery space acts as a laboratory for testing out new ideas, interpretation, and installation methods. Reconfigurations of the space, color, lighting, materials, object presentation, display furniture, and environmental graphics mean that the museum is always in flux and dramatically transforms itself from one exhibition to another.

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Photo: Barbara Molloy