Timothy J. McNeil – research / practice


From Concept to Creation

From Concept to Creation: Inspired Shoe Design by Chris Francis spotlighted creations by shoemaker and designer Chris Francis. His work combines global shoemaking traditions and techniques, with references to the built environment such as industrial design and brutalist architecture as well as 20th-century art movements and punk rock. His narrative-based, unique hand-constructed shoes theatrically bridge contemporary art and wearable design. The exhibition design responded to the many objects and a complex array of display requirements using perimeter shelves and vitrine casework. The “Coloring with Chris” education space provided coloring books for visitors. A large photograph of the artist’s studio greeted visitors into the exhibition, and the graphic identity reflected the bright/bold designs on display.

UC Davis Design Museum, 80 objects (including 65 pairs of shoes), 800 sq. ft. Lead designer (30%) for exhibition staging, installation working with Trevor Pope-Lance, Hector Valdivia, and the curatorial team. Lead designer (70%) for graphics and identity working with Chris Gomez. Completed January 2023.

Photos: Barbara Molloy