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City of Davis Installs Bicycle and Pedestrian Signs

In 2016, I collaborated with the City of Davis to design a system of signs for over 100 miles of bicycle and pedestrian pathways. The Davis Pathfinder project conducted a series of community workshops and online surveys asking residents what information they would like on the wayfinding signs.

The design team learned that people wanted to know the travel time required to reach their destination and the travel distance. They also learned which destinations to include on the signage. With this input, I designed the wayfinding signs while City Bike and Pedestrian Program staff hit the streets and paths to begin laying out the system. The first installation phase started in south and east Davis with the goal of providing wayfinding throughout Davis in the next few years.

City of Davis Press Release. May 19, 2021. “City of Davis Installs Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs in East and South Davis.” UC Davis Professor Tim McNeil’s work cited.

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First phase of installation, 2021