Timothy J. McNeil – research / practice


New Book

McNeil’s book combines a thoroughly and deeply researched history of significant exhibitions and milestones in the field with contemporary and lively text that is a pleasure to read. Cleverly organized around common design tropes, the book proves to be a comprehensive look at the history of exhibition design right up to the present-day proliferation of various cutting-edge technologies. The book will be welcomed by the field and embraced as foundational in exhibition design curriculums. – James Volkert, Museum Consultant, Exhibition Associates

An insightful guide for creating successful museum and gallery exhibitions, and themed environments, the The Exhibition and Experience Design Handbook (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / American Alliance Of Museums, 2023), explores exhibition design history, practice, methods and techniques, and demonstrates how design contributes to the expanding role of creating experiences.

The book illustrates how today’s multi-modal, participatory exhibitions and attractions are created with a desire to convey information, excite the viewer, and create social and narrative experiences. Without design at the helm and employed effectively, these experiential moments would not become lasting memories that inform and inspire an increasingly sophisticated audience.

“This book provides valuable insights into an often-overlooked area of design practice. Exhibitions and experiences are literally everywhere and anywhere and not just in museums.” – Timothy McNeil

“Twelve essential design principles and methods are discussed and deconstructed using over 250 images, 36 case studies, and multiple examples from a span of 100 years. The book is the ultimate guide to understanding exhibition and experience design.” – Timothy McNeil


Photo: Andrew Traylor Jones